Energy Reduction

What is not consumed does not need to be generated. Therefore, energy reduction should always be the first step with regard to energy issues. QING can examine the entire energy management of your real estate and your business operations. QING can identify energy savings at a process level. The most important factors, such as for instance the financial model, quality, capacity, technical feasibility and environment are worked out in detail. From this combination and our knowledge of industrial process technology and energy, we often accomplish far more than just energy savings. Process optimization as it is intended!

Along with the high-quality multidisciplinary knowledge of our consultants QING also has a great deal of knowledge and experience with market consultation and implementation support. QING recognizes the importance of a good translation of the basic theoretical assumptions (on which, for example, the investment decision is based) to the practical situation. Knowledge of the market, the technical possibilities and impossibilities, the various forms of contract, financing solutions, etc. are thereby essential in this process.