Providing support with engineering means that QING will take over a part of a project or an entire project from the customer. This can be in the areas of mechanics, software and/or hardware. Working with different customers requires a great deal of flexibility and adaptability. Every company has its own working structure and conditions with regard to the design, specification process and appearance. It is important that there is no difference between a company’s own work and the outsourced work. We therefore ensure that our work always satisfies the conditions of our customers, we apply the methodology and procedures of our customer.

Our employees have gained experience within various areas of work. This means that there is always someone present with the required knowledge. By sharing our knowledge and experience with each other we are able to flexibly respond to any questions from our customer. This results in a successful and reliable cooperation with our customers. It is possible to offer a fixed price when it concerns a well-defined project. It is also possible to carry out the engineering on the basis of a subsequent calculation. Our customer always has control over the activities that are carried out.

On site or at our offices

QING cooperates with its customers on client-specific issues. Our employees work from our own offices in Arnhem, Borne, Utrecht or Wageningen, but work can also be carried out at one of our customer’s sites at any required location. Close cooperation can take place remotely by means of the latest forms of communication and software systems. The operational aspects of our cooperation are always coordinated in consultation with the customer.