That industrial developments, through the emergence of new technologies and digitalization, are rapidly gaining momentum is a given. “Smart Industry” is a fact. These developments can lead to tremendous improvements in productivity and efficiency. But the changes and new possibilities have arrived so quickly, that many companies struggle to benefit from these opportunities, also for machine building.

We help our customers with the application of these possibilities and we are committed to providing companies with more insight into their production processes and how they can be optimized. This can be in various areas, such as engineering, robotization, and machine building, but also R&D and consultancy. We will analyse your production process, including both the mechanical process and the integration of current information technology.

We will examine all aspects within this process, decide together with you where the need lies or may come to lie in the future. In so doing, we always aim for the most sustainable solution. Our employees have a great deal of knowledge and create surprising innovative and sustainable solutions. Machine building nowadays involves far more than just the delivery of a machine, it concerns the integration of knowledge, technology and material, appropriate to your requirements … and QING also thinks about the next steps, together with you.