Project name: Carrousel Assembly Table

Project description:

Our customer is an internationally operating plastics-processing company, specialized in the development, design and injection moulding of high-quality consumer products. With annual sales of 5 million products across the entire world they are a major player in the international market.

We have developed an ”assembly system” which automates the fitting of plastic caps. This assembly system has been developed to fit caps in a quick, flexible and user-friendly manner. Furthermore the products are checked after fitting. When a product is rejected, the rejected product will be separated from the good products. The control of the machine has been constructed very simply, so that the machine can be quickly and easily operated.

“QING has shown itself to be a reliable partner with this pilot project. During the project realization QING takes control with regard to project management, structural consultation and planning. QING has delivered an assembly system that meets our specifications, within the agreed planning and with an excellent price/quality ratio.

At Teamplast, we look forward to continuing our cooperation with QING.”


Project result:

Customer-specific assembly machine developed and delivered with an integrated vision control system.