You innovate together!

The development of new products, processes and systems are often complex projects, which require a clear approach. Despite the fat that these are extremely attractive processes, we handle the information about these projects very carefully. We are therefore often not able to share substantive information. But after almost 2.5 years we may provide a brief explanation about a project that we have carried out jointly with Toyota Material Handling Nederland (TMHNL). After the development of the prototype by TMHNL, the project was continued on a European level. The new product is now available worldwide.

TMHNL saw an opportunity for a new product and despite the fact that they have never independently carried out such a development, they stuck out their neck to grab this opportunity. They had the courage to innovate! During that period we were approached by TMHNL to start up this project and manage the development process.

It concerned a new product that must fill the gap between a warehouse truck operated by one person and completely autonomous vehicles. TMHNL wanted to develop a system whereby the truck could be operated remotely by the order picker. This would make it possible, during the picking of the orders, for the truck to ride with the order picker. This would lead to significant time savings because the order picker would have to walk far less. The question however remained; how are we going to do that in a safe and ergonomic manner?

Together with TMHNL, we have set up and worked out the scope of the project. Subsequently, by means of a number of innovation sessions, we have proposed several possible solutions and concepts. The challenge in doing this is to not eliminate any of the options. Ultimately a concept was chosen and further elaborated on to produce a prototype.

Innovation is not something you do on your own. Because developing the concept required specific knowledge of wireless technologies, we proposed a partner from our network. They had the required knowledge and expertise to develop the prototype. This is the last step in the development of this innovation.

An attractive project where we are proud of the fact that we have been able to make a contribution to this innovation!

See for yourself? Short film of the T-Mote. 

In the summer of 2015 Toyota Material Handling Nederland struggled with a development project for a remote controlled order picker. Recent circumstances in the market had required us to introduce a similar product in a very short time span.
We decided to request an external engineering firm to provide both a broad view as well as to help us with the strict schedule.

We came into contact with QING and after a first meeting I already quickly had the feeling that they understood the situation and the complexity of the project.
QING carried out an initial analysis of the requirements, technical limitations and a number of possible solutions to focus on. The extensive analysis, but also a well managed project planning provided us with the basis for a successful product. QING’s network of capable partners also brought us in contact with a development partner for the necessary prototypes that led to the end product.

The services from QING, have been of great value for us and I can reflect on a successful and enjoyable cooperation.”

Pieter Bouman – Toyota Material Handling Nederland