Project name:               Wheelchair Tester

Project description:    
TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V., also located on Kleefse Waard industrial estate, wanted to expand its machinery with test machines for wheelchairs. The test machines will consist of both mechanical as well as technical components.  Two test machines will be delivered; In one machine the wheelchairs with the wheels (3 or 2 pairs) will be aligned above special test rollers. These rollers run asynchronously from each other and have “steps” on each half, staggered at 180 degrees. This will cause the wheelchair to ‘dance’ on the rollers for a period of about 40 hours. In the second machine the wheelchairs are placed on a plate. This plate is raised around 6,500 times and then dropped 50mm. The standard which the wheelchairs must satisfy precisely describes the specifications that the machines must satisfy.  There is still room for the ‘how’ so that we try to produce the machines as optimally as possible.

We will start with the engineering in the autumn. During this first phase we can still include any additional requirements in the design. After freezing the final model we will start with purchasing. We will start constructing the machines in our workplace at the end of the year. The machines are built, wired, connected and tested in our workshop and subsequently moved to TÜV. Both machines will be thoroughly tested for a week and the final delivery will subsequently take place on site.

Project result:
The project is still in the design phase.

“One of the reasons for us to move to the Kleefse Waard industrial estate in 2016 was the presence of innovative companies. That QING is an innovator quickly became clear.
The choice, following the FINAL proposal from QING, was not difficult…. the right partner for TÜV Rheinland Nederland BV, that has perfectly translated our requirements and wishes”.

Rob de Jonge
CFO TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V.